October 10, 2015

Working on The New Catalog

Working on new catalog. Graphic design is always challenging for me.

I talked about it to Manami who is my old friend, an experienced professional graphic designer. She gave me great ideas and tips. I could really enjoy working on this project after I talked with her.

jewelry catalog


This is how it looks inside.

jewelry catalog


jewelry catalog


Cover and back.

jewelry catalogjewelry catalog

I also made a sample box which is below.

jewelry box

We are going to Europe tomorrow. My husband has to work for a week there. While he is working, I am going to explore cities and find nice boutiques. If I could find nice boutiques there, I would like to introduce my jewelry. It’s my first time to be in Europe. Super excited about this trip!!! It’s actually our honeymoon plus business trip.


October 10, 2015

Exploring in Europe’s Jewelry Scene

We went to Europe for a business / honeymoon trip!

Our journey started in Amsterdam where we stayed for a week for my husband’s work and continued another one week in Bordeaux (France) and San Sebastian (Spain) for our honeymoon.

While he’s working in Amsterdam, I explored the city’s big and small shopping areas as I planed to find small boutiques to introduce Sayuri Designs jewelry. I tried walking and finding boutiques that would inspire or carry the same type of necklaces, bracelets or hand made pieces that were similar to my style.

During this time I was able to talk to many people in the city.  People were very nice and friendly and straightforward. I found out many items in boutiques where I visited were mostly from all over European countries.

My husband who is good at talking gave me some tips of how to introduce Sayuri Designs. I had great chatting because of that. Glad that I got great feedbacks about the catalog from some stores. It was fun and very fresh. I really hope we can find stores where we can work with in near future.


Beautiful city Amsterdam

By the way, during this trip I got inspired by the great painter, Van Gogh, who happens to be Dutch. The Van Gogh museum showcasing his works during the 10 years he worked as an artist were pretty impressive. That’s one of my favorite museums.  Check it out when you visit Amsterdam.

I was also very inspired by adorable displays of sweets shops in Brussel, Belgium. It is such a wonderful sweets land. Sweets like chocolate, waffles, candies, macaroons… they are such great displays that everything looks both cute and delicious. I also noticed this with jewelry, they have their own recognizable style of display that makes everything look gorgeous.

Below are some photos from the trip.

Chocolate store in Brussels

Chocolate store in Brussels


Tea and macaroon shop in Brussels

Castle in Bordeaux

A Castle which was build in 14th century in Bordeaux in France. It’s now a romantic B&B.

Pintxos in San Sebastian

Delicious Pintxos in San Sebastian. Eating one or two with a small beer and go to next  pintxo bar is their style.


Getaria in Spain

In the end, we’d like to thank to David who is Jose’s friend from Spain. He gave us a wonderful tour in San Sebastian. We loved pinxtos and a cidra bar. You made our trip special!

May 7, 2015

Tokyo Palette [Clear] イベント

5月6日ゴールデンウィーク最終日に代官山でTokyo Palette [Clear] というイベントに参加しました。東京でのイベントは初参加でどきどきわくわくでしたが、アットホームでとても楽しい大盛況のイベントとなりました。















そういえばこのイベント会場、以前の職場の側でよくランチに来ていたカレーの美味しいお店 ”58”。懐かしい。。

April 30, 2015

Find Us in Daikanyama This Wed. May 6th!

Sayuri Designs is taking part at a local market in Daikanyama held in Fudo Cafe & Bar on Wednesday May 6th. Come visit and check out the new collection made specifically for this event!


モンシェリーDaikanyamaB1F, Daikanyamacho20-20, Shibuya
30 seconds from Daikanyama station main entrance

HP : http://goo.gl/ecYilH
FB : http://goo.gl/fI7g6h

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April 12, 2015

Sneak Peek of 2015 Summer Collection

We are so excited about the summer collection!

Look at these lovely new materials. Shells, star fishes, anchor and stars. We’ve added a couple of photos from the places that inspired the summer collection.

Hope it’s going to be beautiful items to help us to enjoy this summer!

Lovely summer materials

Lovely summer materials- Shells&Star fishes




Summer Stars



Inspirations from nature. What kind of jewelry would be good for going beach…


Hollywood beach in Florida

Hollywood beach in Florida

Hollywood beach in Florida

March 1, 2015

Gift Ideas For Your Wife

husband-giving-gift-to-wifeLooking for a gift for your wife or long time girlfriend? For many people, particularly men, choosing a gift for a woman they love can be a complicated and long process – enough to sometimes take the joy out of choosing the gift itself.

If you’re here it means you’re thinking about a gift. If you’re thinking about jewelry you are in the right track, it is almost always a great choice.

Now it’s a matter of deciding what type of jewelry you want. Choosing the right necklace, the right earrings or the right bracelet can also be a bit confusing.

Not to worry! Here are some tips to help you surprise your loved one with a beautiful piece that will be right for her.

Let’s think about her hair color

Hair color can be a good way of choosing the right earring or necklace. To keep it simple, does she have light or dark hair color?

If you’re looking for something for a woman with dark hair a good choice would be to work with contrast, light colored materials are always a good choice.

Earrings with fresh water pearls, opals, shells and moonstones are easy to work with dark hair. No matter if her hair is up or down.

Fresh-water pearl earrings

Blue moon stone & fresh water pearl earrings are a good choice for those with dark hair.

Pearl earrings

Pearl Earrings are also good with dark haired women.

If she is blond (or any light color) a good option would be to go with silver earrings paired with dark stones. Many men tend to go with gold earrings as a safe choice, but I would not recommend that for most blond women. Earrings with too much gold tend to disappear once her hair is down. You can also choose the color of the stones from her eyes, more on that at the bottom of the blog.

For example, the two earrings below will help contrast the jewelry with her blond hair. It will not only make the earrings look better, it will help her hair look better too.

Image of Green Amethys earrings

Green Amethyst and Prehnite earrings for light hair will help contrast.

Black cut glass earrings

Black cut glass earrings, also a good option for blond hair. It’s simple and timeless.

Let’s think about face shapes.

When thinking about earrings, the face shape is important. Depends on where you look you will find 4-6 face shapes. It can be a little overwhelming so lets focus on two of the most common ones: round and long faces

Here is a simple guide to round faces:

Round and Long face shapes

Round and Long face shapes

For the most part, women with long faces should aim for bulky shapes and not long shapes. I find round earrings to be a great match with round faces – like the ones below. Round earrings help create a soft but elegant frame with a good balance.

If you’ve read this far you should know which one you should pick depending on her hair color, do you? 🙂

Round shape earrings with three stones

Round shapes are good for long faces.

Round pearl earring

Round earrings with pearls are an elegant choice.

Some circle shape earrings and Long face shape

Some circle shape earrings and Long face shape

Long earrings and round face shape

Long earrings and round face shape

Let’s think about the color of her eyes.

Eye colors are also key. Remember how we were looking for contrast with hair? With eyes is almost the opposite: matching the color of the jewelry to her eyes creates a classic look. There are many ways of creating a good look, but matching her eye color is a reliable and good approach.

If she has blue eyes, go with a necklace or earrings featuring stones like chalcedony, blue topaz, aquamarine, blue sapphires, etc. For green eyes you can search for peridot, green quartz, green amethyst. Ladies with dark eyes are in luck, just like the “little black dress” that supposedly matches everything, dark eyes are a good match for most colors.

In other words, matching eye color and jewelry make a women look beautiful.

If you want to a different approach, birthstones are also a good option.  I will write about birthstones in near future.

Chalcedony and fresh water pearl necklace

Chalcedony and fresh water pearl necklace




If she likes a edgy style or bigger jewelry, something like this one would be a great accent of her fashion.

February 17, 2015

The best gift is family

Our wedding went very well. It was incredibly beautiful, full of love and such a big surprise wedding. Jose’s mother wanted to surprise us with this wedding and she and her family prepared everything, so we didn’t know what’s our wedding like until that moment. It was the best gift I’ve ever received in my entire life. I wished this moment never ends that night.
I came from a small family, so I was always admired by a big family like this.
Family is the best gift.







Thanks to Piaspia and Rafa for hosting with the gorgeous house and fantastic cooking. Thanks to Denis for fabulous singing “Señora Señora”. We were all very impressed by your amazing voice. Thanks for the impressive speech Manuel. Thanks to wonderful Pamela for photos. Thanks to my lovely bridesmaids, Mayuko, Tassie and handsome best men, Juan Calros, Alberto. Thanks to Shelley, Tassie, Rainbow and blushing boutique for my unforgettable wedding dress. I remember you sew my dressuntil few hours before my flight on my last day in Canada. Thanks to Carlos, Griselda, Andres and Debbie and sweet kids. Thanks to Hosoi family for coming with us to Miami from Japan. Everything was beyond my imagination. Special thanks to our fabulous mother Carmencita. 

February 1, 2015

My Wedding in a week

Our wedding ceremony in Miami is in a week.
It’s going to be a small beautiful house wedding with our family members.
It’s going to be our first big family meeting.


I made flower clowns for my flower girl and myself, boutonnieres for my gloom and our best men, corsages for mothers and my bridesmaids, a ring pillow, and a welcome board. I also made jewelry pieces. Can’t wait.



December 26, 2014

Handmade Aroma Candle

I took my friends to a candle design studio in Daikanyama to make handmade candles.

We wanted to do something new to celebrate on my friend’s birthday.

aroma candle1

We chose colours, aroma and put those materials in a glass as we like.  It was very relaxing and healing. The feeling we felt while making it was similar to a feeling of seeing little fire in a candle. It’s a beautiful experience and how nice to have a one of the kind candle.

aroma candle2

Our instructor shared her story that she started candle making as her hobby, then she fell in love with it and changed her career. It’s always nice to take up new hobby because we never know where we get an chance to change your life.

Here is the website of the studio.


December 21, 2014

Ken’s shop

結婚を控えた友人に連れられて、吉祥寺にあるハンドメイドジュエリー工房 “Ken’s shop”に行って来ました。



Engagement ring2

なつきさん作 – まいこのエンゲージメントリング

素材 : ダイヤモンド、ゴールド





素材 :プラチナ。ゴールド、 ダイヤモンド



結婚おめでとう♡ お幸せにね。