October 10, 2015

Exploring in Europe’s Jewelry Scene

We went to Europe for a business / honeymoon trip!

Our journey started in Amsterdam where we stayed for a week for my husband’s work and continued another one week in Bordeaux (France) and San Sebastian (Spain) for our honeymoon.

While he’s working in Amsterdam, I explored the city’s big and small shopping areas as I planed to find small boutiques to introduce Sayuri Designs jewelry. I tried walking and finding boutiques that would inspire or carry the same type of necklaces, bracelets or hand made pieces that were similar to my style.

During this time I was able to talk to many people in the city.  People were very nice and friendly and straightforward. I found out many items in boutiques where I visited were mostly from all over European countries.

My husband who is good at talking gave me some tips of how to introduce Sayuri Designs. I had great chatting because of that. Glad that I got great feedbacks about the catalog from some stores. It was fun and very fresh. I really hope we can find stores where we can work with in near future.


Beautiful city Amsterdam

By the way, during this trip I got inspired by the great painter, Van Gogh, who happens to be Dutch. The Van Gogh museum showcasing his works during the 10 years he worked as an artist were pretty impressive. That’s one of my favorite museums.  Check it out when you visit Amsterdam.

I was also very inspired by adorable displays of sweets shops in Brussel, Belgium. It is such a wonderful sweets land. Sweets like chocolate, waffles, candies, macaroons… they are such great displays that everything looks both cute and delicious. I also noticed this with jewelry, they have their own recognizable style of display that makes everything look gorgeous.

Below are some photos from the trip.

Chocolate store in Brussels

Chocolate store in Brussels


Tea and macaroon shop in Brussels

Castle in Bordeaux

A Castle which was build in 14th century in Bordeaux in France. It’s now a romantic B&B.

Pintxos in San Sebastian

Delicious Pintxos in San Sebastian. Eating one or two with a small beer and go to next  pintxo bar is their style.


Getaria in Spain

In the end, we’d like to thank to David who is Jose’s friend from Spain. He gave us a wonderful tour in San Sebastian. We loved pinxtos and a cidra bar. You made our trip special!