Peridot & Apatite earrings with Resin

These lovely earrings are made of natural stones and resin. Little pieces of natural stones are carefully broken and combined with beautiful balance. Attractive and summerly natural stones change their look to evoke freshness and delicateness.

Available in other colors and different shapes. They are individually hand-made which makes them one of a kind.

Those who have sensitive skin or would like a more sophisticated look can be upgrade the hooks to K10 Gold or gold filled. These can also be changed to resin hooks, which are allergy friendly. Please ask us about it.

Note : Since each piece is hand made, your piece will not be exactly as the one shown here. We can send you a photo of the one you’re about to purchase.

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  • Recommended for: Daily wear
  • Materials : Peridot, Apatite, resin, metal


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