February 17, 2015

The best gift is family

Our wedding went very well. It was incredibly beautiful, full of love and such a big surprise wedding. Jose’s mother wanted to surprise us with this wedding and she and her family prepared everything, so we didn’t know what’s our wedding like until that moment. It was the best gift I’ve ever received in my entire life. I wished this moment never ends that night.
I came from a small family, so I was always admired by a big family like this.
Family is the best gift.







Thanks to Piaspia and Rafa for hosting with the gorgeous house and fantastic cooking. Thanks to Denis for fabulous singing “Señora Señora”. We were all very impressed by your amazing voice. Thanks for the impressive speech Manuel. Thanks to wonderful Pamela for photos. Thanks to my lovely bridesmaids, Mayuko, Tassie and handsome best men, Juan Calros, Alberto. Thanks to Shelley, Tassie, Rainbow and blushing boutique for my unforgettable wedding dress. I remember you sew my dressuntil few hours before my flight on my last day in Canada. Thanks to Carlos, Griselda, Andres and Debbie and sweet kids. Thanks to Hosoi family for coming with us to Miami from Japan. Everything was beyond my imagination. Special thanks to our fabulous mother Carmencita.