December 21, 2014

Ken’s shop

I went to “Ken’s shop”  which was a jewelry studio in Kichijoji with my friend Maiko who was getting marry.

The atmosphere of the studio was warm and homey. The wonderful owner Ken and a designer, Natsuki who was Maiko’s friend welcomed us. They repair antique jewelry and do some order made jewelry.

Engagement ring2

By Natsuki – Engagement ring for Maiko

Materials : Diamond, Gold

What a beautiful ring!



Marriage rings

Materials : Pulatinum, Gold,  Diamond

You can put your own signature or drawing inside of your rings. They have an amazing original technique of curving.

It is very special that your hand writing message or drawing stay in your rings forever. The most Interesting part is that you can talk to designers and decide your design.

Congratulations Maiko. Wish you a very happy marriage life.

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