March 1, 2015

Gift Ideas For Your Wife

husband-giving-gift-to-wifeLooking for a gift for your wife or long time girlfriend? For many people, particularly men, choosing a gift for a woman they love can be a complicated and long process – enough to sometimes take the joy out of choosing the gift itself.

If you’re here it means you’re thinking about a gift. If you’re thinking about jewelry you are in the right track, it is almost always a great choice.

Now it’s a matter of deciding what type of jewelry you want. Choosing the right necklace, the right earrings or the right bracelet can also be a bit confusing.

Not to worry! Here are some tips to help you surprise your loved one with a beautiful piece that will be right for her.

Let’s think about her hair color

Hair color can be a good way of choosing the right earring or necklace. To keep it simple, does she have light or dark hair color?

If you’re looking for something for a woman with dark hair a good choice would be to work with contrast, light colored materials are always a good choice.

Earrings with fresh water pearls, opals, shells and moonstones are easy to work with dark hair. No matter if her hair is up or down.

Fresh-water pearl earrings

Blue moon stone & fresh water pearl earrings are a good choice for those with dark hair.

Pearl earrings

Pearl Earrings are also good with dark haired women.

If she is blond (or any light color) a good option would be to go with silver earrings paired with dark stones. Many men tend to go with gold earrings as a safe choice, but I would not recommend that for most blond women. Earrings with too much gold tend to disappear once her hair is down. You can also choose the color of the stones from her eyes, more on that at the bottom of the blog.

For example, the two earrings below will help contrast the jewelry with her blond hair. It will not only make the earrings look better, it will help her hair look better too.

Image of Green Amethys earrings

Green Amethyst and Prehnite earrings for light hair will help contrast.

Black cut glass earrings

Black cut glass earrings, also a good option for blond hair. It’s simple and timeless.

Let’s think about face shapes.

When thinking about earrings, the face shape is important. Depends on where you look you will find 4-6 face shapes. It can be a little overwhelming so lets focus on two of the most common ones: round and long faces

Here is a simple guide to round faces:

Round and Long face shapes

Round and Long face shapes

For the most part, women with long faces should aim for bulky shapes and not long shapes. I find round earrings to be a great match with round faces – like the ones below. Round earrings help create a soft but elegant frame with a good balance.

If you’ve read this far you should know which one you should pick depending on her hair color, do you? 🙂

Round shape earrings with three stones

Round shapes are good for long faces.

Round pearl earring

Round earrings with pearls are an elegant choice.

Some circle shape earrings and Long face shape

Some circle shape earrings and Long face shape

Long earrings and round face shape

Long earrings and round face shape

Let’s think about the color of her eyes.

Eye colors are also key. Remember how we were looking for contrast with hair? With eyes is almost the opposite: matching the color of the jewelry to her eyes creates a classic look. There are many ways of creating a good look, but matching her eye color is a reliable and good approach.

If she has blue eyes, go with a necklace or earrings featuring stones like chalcedony, blue topaz, aquamarine, blue sapphires, etc. For green eyes you can search for peridot, green quartz, green amethyst. Ladies with dark eyes are in luck, just like the “little black dress” that supposedly matches everything, dark eyes are a good match for most colors.

In other words, matching eye color and jewelry make a women look beautiful.

If you want to a different approach, birthstones are also a good option.  I will write about birthstones in near future.

Chalcedony and fresh water pearl necklace

Chalcedony and fresh water pearl necklace




If she likes a edgy style or bigger jewelry, something like this one would be a great accent of her fashion.

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