Designing Exclusive and Original Custom Jewelry with Unique Flair, Since 2011

Sayuri Designs is a hand-made jewelry and accessories brand established and created by Sayuri Uzcategui. The brand was launched in 2011 in Vancouver, Canada, and we are now based in Tokyo, Japan.

Since the brand launch, accessories and jewelry designed by Sayuri have been showcased in various fashion shows and sold at Blushing Designs, a local fashion boutique in Vancouver, Canada.

You may purchase items directly from us via this website, or at Blushing Designs.


My Story, My Journey

I started hand-making accessories and jewelry in 2005 as a student in Tokyo’s (武蔵野美術大学 (Musashino Art University). In the early days, most pieces were custom designed for friends and family.

While living in Vancouver, Canada, my first real project became a reality thanks to a conversation
with Shelley Klassen – a prolific Vancouver fashion designer, who would become a dear friend, boss, and mentor to me.

Shelley asked me to design jewelry for one of her fashion shows. I was very excited about the challenge, and poured my heart into creating pieces for the show. The production was a tremendous success, and I received heaps of valuable feedback. A number of people asked about the jewelry, and this provided an opportunity to actually sell my work. From that point, I continued creating and selling jewelry at Shelley’s Blushing Boutique.

I’ll always be grateful to Shelley and Blushing Boutique for providing this opportunity while I was living in Canada – thank you!

Photo by See It Live Canada / Photo taken at “Elevate and Celebrate” in 2014

Fashion show of “Crow and Gate” by Tassie Vicars

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