designer_sayuri_imgThe Sayuri Designs 2015 Spring Collection – The Story and Meaning Behind the Work

This year is quite special to me. There have been tremendous changes in all areas of my life, and I’ve taken inspiration from various facets of living in both Vancouver and Tokyo. This work reflects the joy and inspiration that has arisen from these changes, but also a sense of peace and calm that I would like to achieve.

My wish is that my clients will find a sense of both happiness and peace in these pieces, and look gorgeous while wearing them! Please know that these new designs are from the heart. You can view the new collection here.

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Working on The New Catalog

Working on new catalog. Graphic design is always challenging for me. I talked about it to Manami who is my old friend, an experienced professional graphic designer. She gave me great ideas and tips. I could really enjoy working on this project after I talked with her.   This is how it looks inside.     Cover and back. I also made a sample box which is below. We are going to Europe tomorrow. My husband has to work for a week there. While he is working, I am going to explore cities and find nice boutiques. If I could find nice boutiques there, I would like to introduce my jewelry. It’s my first time to be in Europe. Super excited about this trip!!! It’s actually our honeymoon plus business trip.   この投稿文は次の言語で読めます: 日本語