designer_sayuri_imgThe Sayuri Designs 2015 Spring Collection – The Story and Meaning Behind the Work

This year is quite special to me. There have been tremendous changes in all areas of my life, and I’ve taken inspiration from various facets of living in both Vancouver and Tokyo. This work reflects the joy and inspiration that has arisen from these changes, but also a sense of peace and calm that I would like to achieve.

My wish is that my clients will find a sense of both happiness and peace in these pieces, and look gorgeous while wearing them! Please know that these new designs are from the heart. You can view the new collection here.


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Custom Jewelry for My Friend’s Wedding

I am working on a custom jewelry project for my friend’s wedding. Her ceremony is next month! I got new stones for the earrings and a bracelet – they are going to be beautiful. She is going to wear it at her reception party. Amethyst –  Marquis rice, briolette cut Beautiful purple color. They look sharp and mature. Great in autumn. Green amethyst – Onion, briolette cut They look like cute little onions. as their name. Sky blue topaz – Drop, briolette cut / Lunk AAA Very good quality of sky blue topaz. Gorgeous briolette cut. I’d like to use these stones as the main feature of the earrings and bracelet since she likes this color. Another friend of ours who is an accessory designer is working on a flower crown for the reception. We had a meeting with the bride and showed her some samples. We want to make sure all pieces work together in terms of colors, designs, and size. Everything went well. The other friend of ours just finished designing invitation. It looks wonderful. We are close friends from our art school for more than 10 years. It’s a fun collaboration project for all of us. We are very happy that she asked us this project and really enjoying it!… read more